General terms all products have warranty outlined in description

Warranty applies only if the original purchase invoice is available

If the product can not be repaired, the customer has the right to demand the replacement on warranty time

The buyer is obliged to:

– To use the device in accordance with the purpose

– Not to harm or violate, or cause damage to unit

– Prevent device misuse, and physical injuries (such as falls, liquid, dust and so on)

– Prevent device errors conditioned harmful effects of external factors (such as overvoltage, liquid, lightning and so on)

– If fault occurs during the warranty period. Should bring the unit to the store for warranty repair

The warranty will not apply if:

  1.  Product purchase document are missing or the data on the document is modified illegally.
  2. Product model and serial number removed, modified, placed in a different place or not readable.
  3. The seller-side product identification labels have been removed or damaged.
  4. Product configuration has been changed outside store.
  5. Product failure occurred through no fault of the owner as a result of improper exploitation.
  6. Errors in software, rechargeable batteries and chargers do not go under warranty.

Customer service:

Warranty and maintenance issues, you can contact our Customer Service phone: +372 56 573 313 or [email protected]

Return polices:

  1. All the e-shop bought devices may be returned within 14 days. It does not apply if the customer comes to the store.
  2. The consumer shall submit an application for refund claims e-shop at [email protected] not later than 14 days after the receipt of the goods.
  3. The consumer is required to bear the returning cost (10€) unless the order description was not accurate.
  4. will make return payment within 30 days
  5. Buyer shall pay all transportation costs
  6. Seller-side identification labels can not be removed or damaged

Privacy and data protection conditions:

  1. In agreement with the conditions of sale, Buyer confirms that he has introduced the 1it privacy and data protection conditions and is fully accepted without a derogation..
  2. 1it processes the following personal data of the Buyer: given name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number (including mobile telephone number), address (street / farm, house number, apartment number, city or settlement, county, postal code), way of delivery, payment method.
  3. 1it processes the Personal Data of the Buyer in accordance with the law and only for Website usage. 1it may use the Purchaser’s personal data for the protection of his rights
  4. 1t does not transmit, sell or disclose personal information collected without prior permission of the Buyer to third parties, unless this is a statutory obligation or if such Terms and Conditions of Sale are provided for.
  5. If the Buyer chooses a parcel terminal or a courier to deliver the Goods, then 1t has the right to transfer to the supplier of the parcel service and courier service the personal data of the Buyer in the amount necessary for the Delivery of the Goods to the Buyer.
  6. The Purchaser has the right at any time to review his personal data and request rectification, closure or deletion of such data, unless otherwise provided by law.
  7. In case of questions concerning personal data, the Buyer has the right to send an email to 1 [email protected]
  8. 1it collects the following personal information through the website as described
    1. E-mail address – by sending an e-mail.
    2. First name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number (incl. Mobile number), address (street / farm, house number, apartment number, city or settlement, county, postal code), way of delivery, payment method used to pay for goods – When making a purchase.
    3. Website statistics – Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel)
    4. First name, Last name, Identity number, Town / Village, Street / Farm, County, Postal code, Email address, Telephone number, Work place, Time worked, Net wage + Additional income, Monthly loan liabilities, National background, Bond payment request, Product you want purchase and its price, length of hire purchase in months, monthly repayment date, First payment amount – Upon submission of application for hire purchase
  9. Personal data will be kept as long as it is necessary for the purpose or as required by law.
  10. 1t reserves the right to modify the privacy terms unilaterally and without notice, in order to ensure that the conditions are complied with law. For all questions regarding privacy and data processing, please contact us at [email protected]