1it.ee all products have warranty outlined in description (except for the defect referred to in the specification of the specific device at the time of sale)

Warranty applies only if the original purchase invoice is available

If the product can not be repaired, the customer has the right to demand the replacement on warranty time

The buyer is obliged to:

– To use the device in accordance with the purpose

– Not to harm or violate, or cause damage to unit

– Prevent device misuse, and physical injuries (such as falls, liquid, dust and so on)

– Prevent device errors conditioned harmful effects of external factors (such as overvoltage, liquid, lightning and so on)

– If fault occurs during the warranty period. Should bring the unit to the store for warranty repair

The warranty will not apply if:

  1. Product purchase document are missing or the data on the document is modified illegally.
  2. Product model and serial number removed, modified or not readable.
  3. The seller-side product identification labels have been removed or damaged.
  4. Product configuration has been changed outside 1it.ee store.
  5. Product failure occurred through no fault of the owner as a result of improper exploitation.
  6. Errors in software, rechargeable batteries and chargers do not go under warranty.

Customer service:

Warranty and maintenance issues, you can contact our Customer Support info@1it.ee